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2015 Ranking - Top 50 Police schools:

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Kaplan University Davenport
2. Kaplan University Davenport

Davenport, IA, 7 majors

Sam Houston State University
3. Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, TX, 9 majors

University of New Haven
4. University of New Haven

West Haven, CT, 18 majors

Eastern Kentucky University
5. Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY, 16 majors

Virginia Commonwealth University
Saint Leo University
7. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo, FL, 11 majors

University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of Central Florida
Pennsylvania State University
10. Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA, 7 majors

Florida State University
11. Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL, 5 majors

University of Maryland College Park
12. University of Maryland College Park

College Park, MD, 4 majors

University of South Florida
Madonna University
14. Madonna University

Livonia, MI, 17 majors

University of Cincinnati
15. University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH, 3 majors

Columbia College
16. Columbia College

Columbia, MO, 8 majors

Western Illinois University
Troy University
18. Troy University

Troy, AL, 3 majors

University of California Irvine
Florida Atlantic University
20. Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL, 5 majors

Arizona State University
21. Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ, 4 majors

George Mason University
22. George Mason University

Fairfax, VA, 6 majors

Ferris State University
23. Ferris State University

Big Rapids, MI, 5 majors

California State University Sacramento
Texas State University San Marcos
George Washington University
26. George Washington University

Washington, DC, 9 majors

University of Florida
27. University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, 4 majors

Lewis University
28. Lewis University

Romeoville, IL, 12 majors

Michigan State University
29. Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI, 5 majors

Boston University
30. Boston University

Boston, MA, 4 majors

San Diego State University
31. San Diego State University

San Diego, CA, 3 majors

St. John's University New York
Northeastern University
33. Northeastern University

Boston, MA, 4 majors

University of South Carolina Columbia
Saint Joseph's University
35. Saint Joseph's University

Philadelphia, PA, 4 majors

Webster University
36. Webster University

Saint Louis, MO, 2 majors

University of North Texas
37. University of North Texas

Denton, TX, 3 majors

Rutgers University Newark
38. Rutgers University Newark

Newark, NJ, 3 majors

University of Louisville
39. University of Louisville

Louisville, KY, 4 majors

California State University Fresno
Temple University
41. Temple University

Philadelphia, PA, 3 majors

University of Illinois at Chicago
42. University of Illinois

Chicago, IL, 5 majors

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Portland State University
44. Portland State University

Portland, OR, 4 majors

Ohio State University
45. Ohio State University

Columbus, OH, 2 majors

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
46. University of North Carolina

Charlotte, NC, 3 majors

University of Nevada Las Vegas
47. University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, 4 majors

California State University Long Beach
California State University San Bernardino
California State University Fullerton

Police schools by state:

Schools by State32 Police Schools in Alabama41 Police Schools in Arizona36 Police Schools in Arkansas202 Police Schools in California40 Police Schools in Colorado27 Police Schools in Connecticut7 Police Schools in Delaware113 Police Schools in Florida74 Police Schools in Georgia10 Police Schools in Idaho92 Police Schools in Illinois45 Police Schools in Indiana36 Police Schools in Iowa37 Police Schools in Kansas44 Police Schools in Kentucky38 Police Schools in Louisiana14 Police Schools in Maine29 Police Schools in Maryland55 Police Schools in Massachusetts67 Police Schools in Michigan57 Police Schools in Minnesota22 Police Schools in Mississippi56 Police Schools in Missouri5 Police Schools in Montana20 Police Schools in Nebraska13 Police Schools in Nevada14 Police Schools in New Hampshire39 Police Schools in New Jersey29 Police Schools in New Mexico102 Police Schools in New York97 Police Schools in North Carolina10 Police Schools in North Dakota130 Police Schools in Ohio43 Police Schools in Oklahoma24 Police Schools in Oregon122 Police Schools in Pennsylvania7 Police Schools in Rhode Island40 Police Schools in South Carolina13 Police Schools in South Dakota48 Police Schools in Tennessee141 Police Schools in Texas20 Police Schools in Utah7 Police Schools in Vermont71 Police Schools in Virginia36 Police Schools in Washington8 Police Schools in District of Columbia27 Police Schools in West Virginia50 Police Schools in Wisconsin8 Police Schools in Wyoming

Police schools by diploma:

Certificates: 752 schools
Associate's Degrees: 1,460 schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 1,197 schools
Master's Degrees: 325 schools
Doctoral Degrees: 35 schools

Police schools by major:

Criminal Justice: 2,112 schools
Criminalistics and Criminology: 500 schools
Security Services: 259 schools
Corrections Study: 391 schools

Police schools by region:

Northeast: 387 schools
Midwest: 613 schools
South: 906 schools
West: 441 schools

Popular police school cities:

Chicago: 20 schools
Phoenix: 15 schools
Atlanta: 13 schools
Philadelphia: 12 schools
Pittsburgh: 10 schools
San Antonio: 10 schools
Tampa: 9 schools
Colorado Springs: 9 schools
Denver: 9 schools
Cincinnati: 9 schools
Indianapolis: 9 schools
Louisville: 9 schools
Nashville: 9 schools
Boston: 8 schools
Miami: 8 schools
Washington: 8 schools
Jacksonville: 8 schools
Los Angeles: 8 schools
Houston: 8 schools
Oklahoma City: 8 schools
Albuquerque: 8 schools
Tulsa: 8 schools
Dallas: 8 schools
Dayton: 7 schools
Richmond: 7 schools
Saint Louis: 7 schools
Fort Worth: 7 schools
Milwaukee: 7 schools
Baton Rouge: 7 schools
Chattanooga: 7 schools
New York City: 6 schools
Orlando: 6 schools
Savannah: 6 schools
Portland: 6 schools
Fresno: 6 schools
Fort Wayne: 6 schools
Charlotte: 6 schools
Honolulu: 6 schools
Rochester: 6 schools
Kansas City: 6 schools
Little Rock: 6 schools
Sioux Falls: 6 schools
Columbus: 6 schools
Tucson: 5 schools
Fort Myers: 5 schools
Tempe: 5 schools
San Diego: 5 schools
Minneapolis: 5 schools
Fort Lauderdale: 5 schools
Bayamon: 5 schools
Detroit: 5 schools
Harrisburg: 5 schools
Buffalo: 5 schools
Birmingham: 5 schools
Austin: 5 schools
Sacramento: 5 schools
Baltimore: 5 schools
Springfield: 5 schools
Greenville: 5 schools
Lincoln: 5 schools
Madison: 5 schools
Norfolk: 5 schools
Aurora: 5 schools
Arecibo: 5 schools
El Paso: 5 schools
Worcester: 5 schools
Saint Paul: 5 schools
Columbia: 5 schools
San Jose: 5 schools
Virginia Beach: 5 schools
Las Vegas: 4 schools
Akron: 4 schools
Fayetteville: 4 schools
New Orleans: 4 schools
Tallahassee: 4 schools
Seattle: 4 schools
San Bernardino: 4 schools
Omaha: 4 schools
Arlington: 4 schools
Albany: 4 schools
Flint: 4 schools
Columbus: 4 schools
Bakersfield: 4 schools
Stockton: 4 schools
Raleigh: 4 schools
Green Bay: 4 schools
Memphis: 4 schools
Erie: 4 schools
Wichita: 4 schools
Lynchburg: 4 schools
Charleston: 4 schools
Springfield: 4 schools
Cleveland: 4 schools
Montgomery: 4 schools
Syracuse: 4 schools
Kenosha: 4 schools
Reading: 4 schools
Mobile: 4 schools
Lafayette: 4 schools
Salt Lake City: 4 schools
Mesa: 3 schools
Torrance: 3 schools
Carolina: 3 schools
Manchester: 3 schools

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